Be Confident

Be Confident.  The sentence is simple, but the concept is rather complex.  This is the first, and possibly, most important of the six GSD Factor attributes.

What does it mean when we say, “Be Confident”? The definition that we have framed around this is:

“The power and confidence in knowing your true authentic self, knowing your voice, and speaking your truth so that you are heard.  You lead by example with assertiveness, giving you a sense of empowerment and confidence.”

We also get the question, “What is GSD Factor, and how does that translate to my life?”

“GSD Factor is an attitude. It’s a mindset. It’s practical execution. It’s activating tools for professional and personal empowerment.”

We believe that every single one of us has the GSD Factor within us, but perhaps it just hasn’t been activated.  Part of our goal is helping people to activate it in their lives.

One way we do so with our coaching clients that want to improve their confidence and assertiveness is recommending role play, coaching, or even acting classes. When faced with a difficult situation or conversation, role-playing can be an effective way to prepare for every scenario.  You can do this alone or with your co-workers, friends or family members.  Whatever the circumstance, role-playing allows you to practice the tone, volume, and authority of your voice.

Another way to activate the GSd Factor attribute of confidence is to find and use your voice.  A few years ago, my daughter came home from her first karate lesson and was so excited because she learned from her sensei that her voice is her strongest weapon. To hear, at the age of four, that her voice was her strongest weapon was a day of empowerment for her that she hadn’t experienced before.  She truly felt like Wonder Woman, Spider-Woman and Batwoman all wrapped into one.  She felt unstoppable.  More importantly, that lesson and nugget will stay with her for the rest of her life.

We all have unique skills and attributes that we can bring to the table, but a part of being confident is also about the storytelling of who we are and how we express that to the world!

In our latest GSD Factor Podcast our guest Monica Wisdom, founder of Black Women Amplified, talks about the importance of storytelling and the course she has created to help you in your storytelling journey.  She states:

“It is how we communicate with one another, whether we’re speaking or not. Whether you’re writing a speech or you’re talking to kids at a workshop, we’re always telling stories. Our whole life is a story. Our life is a story of who we are, what people told us that we are, what society says that we are and all the things that put us from the beginning to the end of our journey. A story is the foundation of all of us. The Power Story Formula, is about us understanding that we have the power to change our story at anytime.  We are not who our parents told us that we were.  We’re not who society tells us that we are.  We have to ask ourselves questions like,  “What do we believe?”, and “Why is that important?” Then you can transform your story.  Who doesn’t have that story of trauma as a child, but then they thrive as they get older? Most people tell their story in chronological order. I did this, but the Power Story Formula is about that story of transformation that connects with others.”

“As we go out into the world, armed with our story we must not only find the microphone, but we must amplify the microphone and BE CONFIDENT to use our voice, tell the world who we are, and live out loud.”