Be Resilient

Be Resilient.  This is the fifth of the six core GSD Factor attributes.  

Here’s a quick recap:

The GSD Factor life consists of six attributes: Be Confident, Be Inquisitive, Be Imaginative, Be Present, Be Resilient, and Be Influential.  

What does it mean when we say, “Be Resilient”? The definition that we have framed around this is:

“The choice to Be Resilient – the stamina, grit, and perseverance to acknowledge that life can be shit, but how do we learn and grow and turn the negatives into positives?”

Here in the United States, March is Women’s History Month, which also encompasses International Women’s Day on March 8th.  As with any of these days or months that are acknowledged, I believe that we need to do better every day, 365 days a year, twelve months out of the year, be it Women’s History Month, Black History Month, National Hispanic History Month, Pride Month, and the list goes on.  

What do all these groups have in common?  Some may say they are under-represented.  Some may say they are underpaid.  Others still may say they are under-voiced.  While all these are true, I would say one of the things that all these groups have in common is RESILIENCY.  

Through the ages they have stood the test of time–walked through trials and tribulations.  They have stamina and grit that is second to none.  They have stood tall and said, “I am here; this is me.”  Their perseverance is something to behold, and their story is something to be shared for generations.  They have acknowledged that their life can be shit at times, but they rise, again and again and say, “I am here. Hear me. See me.”  They are masters at turning negatives into positives, teaching us lessons of growth and learning.  

Now, since we are in the month of March, I’m going to pay homage to the women, those who have written countless stories both told and untold.  To the women that speak up and speak out.  To the women who hold the title of trailblazer or “first woman to…”.  To the women that celebrate and cheer for their co-star.  To the women that choose motherhood and the women that do not because both are brave.  To the women that wear many hats.  To the women that lead nations, know when the gas tank is empty and have the grace and poise to step down to allow another to lead.  To the women that re- orchestrate their lives to care for the woman who raised them.  To the next generation of women that will continue to carry the title of firsts.  To the women that are either CEOs of their families, companies or both.  

You are seen.  You are heard.  You are worthy, but there is much work to be done.

Forbes just released an article last month addressing and bringing awareness to the gender pay gap being experienced by all women.  The article is extremely articulate and data driven.  It’s worth the read, but I will leave you with two statistics from it:

  • In 2022, women earned 17% less than men on average.
  • Women earn just 82 cents for every dollar a man makes.

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA), has recently launched a massive campaign to bring awareness to Retire Inequality for women, black Americans, and other under-represented groups.  Their research and statistics show that even in 2022, women retire with 30% less income than men on average.

 “There are some things you don’t just do for you. You do them for the ones who come after you. Together, we can retire inequality for good.”  TIAA

There is our mantra!  Let’s retire inequality across all groups for good.  Let’s retire inequality in the pay gap for good.  Let’s retire under-representation on executive leadership teams and boards for good.  

My daughter just completed her Amelia Earhart project this month, and her favorite quote that she used throughout her presentation and speech was this:

“Use your fear.  It will take you to the place where you store your courage.”  -Amelia Earhart.  

There is a great deal of work to be done, so let’s continue to BE RESILIENT, as we have always been.  On those days when your confidence is waning, or fear has set in, use it.  Use it to tap into your courage.  Once your courage is activated, so will your confidence and resiliency be. Let’s get some sh*t done!