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The school year is coming to an end. With two tiny humans who are four years apart, the end-of-year activities and stressors

The Marathon Continues

Well, I did it.  One of the hardest, most painful experiences of my life. I completed a half-marathon.  I know there are

Let’s talk about branding, marketing, and storytelling.   Many times we start with a problem. Then we move to solutioning, which requires lots

Life pivots.  We all have them.  They vary in size, degree, and magnitude.  How we respond to them is what sets us

We are in a day and age where it’s not uncommon to hear of new entrepreneurs launching a business or employees leaving

For those golf fans out there, this past weekend is one of the most iconic golf tournaments of the year.  I would

In a recent post, I was busting some GSD myths such as, GSDers are always doing or always taking action.  I transparently

In my opinion, every month is Women’s History Month. Every day is Women’s Day, and every day is a day to celebrate

Here are GSD Factor myths that we are going to bust today.   Oftentimes, people assume that because I’m the woman who gets

It’s been exactly four years since the global lockdown we experienced as a result of Covid-19.  Like many people, I picked up

Powerfully choosing to connect and network can translate as powerfully choosing to be vulnerable, transparent, and put myself out there.  That can

Life can be busy.  We can be going in so many directions, especially when we are navigating a work-life-family integration.  In the

Powerfully Choosing Everyone

In the corporate space, there has been a focus around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We see companies that embrace it with intentionality

The Courage to be Disliked

We’re almost three months into the new year, and we all have made choices about what kind of year we’ll have.  Perhaps

Earlier this month, a friend of mine initiated a conference call between her, another friend, and myself.  Just out of the blue.

Connection.   We are human beings and need that human interaction.  We crave it.  There is a physical and mental shift that happens

Women represent fewer than 15% of patent holders.  It is difficult to find verifiable statistics on registered trademarks, but one can assume

Powerfully Choosing in 2024

I’m not someone who believes in new year’s resolutions because I believe that we are constantly evolving, ever learning, always failing and

For my first 2024 blog, I want to honor someone who’s been a continuing influence and inspiration in my life. I want

Attribute Three, Be Imaginative, tells us to dream big and think outside the box, which also leaves room for us to try

Criticism to Positivity

My daughter recently came home from elementary school upset by what a classmate said about her. The classmate shared that another fellow

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since we were all stuck inside fighting through the mental, physical, and emotional anguish

Our AI Declaration

If you have read my book, The GSD Factor, you know my grandfather General Joseph S. Bleymaier’s accomplishments with NASA and the

For the last year and a half, I’ve been seeing a therapist. I’ll admit I only started going because therapy seems to