Powerfully Choosing to be Open to Learning

If we are open, we can learn something from everything, be it from people or from something we read or observe.  Who knows, maybe a billboard has the two words of encouragement you need at that moment.   As I’ve shared in my book, growing up, my dad would play motivational cassette tapes during long car […]

Stop Booing Yourself

I recently signed up for Threads.  It’s a social media app owned by Meta and designed like Twitter, but without the toxicity.  It’s funny because the last thing I thought I’d ever do was sign up for another social media app, but I like it because I don’t have that many followers.  I just post […]

Introducing R.C. Farrish, GSD Factor Junior

Today is a really proud moment for me as a mom.  You are going to get an opportunity to hear from my daughter, R.C. Farrish.  The reason for this special moment?  This fall I’m publishing my fourth book with GSD Factor Publishing and my daughter is my co-author.   About a year ago she had an […]

Powerfully Choosing Goals and Deadlines

Recently, I had a mentoring session where we were discussing goals and deadlines.  From my perspective, goals are those high-level endpoints that we want to ultimately reach.  Deadlines are the milestones along the way to reaching those goals.  It’s important that we keep in mind the difference between goals and deadlines.   There are times when […]

Maxim: A Short Statement of Truth or Conduct

Maxim: by Webster’s definition, a maxim is a short statement that expresses a general truth or rule of conduct. When living life, these maxims are small nuggets of reminders that can pack a powerful punch. Just like stories were used to share history and pass along important lessons, truths, like maxims, were shared to be […]

Rooms, Tables, and Doors, Oh My!

At the end of March, Beyoncé dropped her latest album, Cowboy Carter.  I’ve spent countless hours listening, researching, and marveling at how intentional, innovative, and creative it is, but that’s not what this blog is about.   This blog is about how Beyoncé and her team present a master class on The GSD Factor attributes of […]

Powerfully Choosing A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset or being inquisitive has many synergies.  Growth mindset can be defined as believing that your brain can grow and that you can try many new things even as you age.  We define being inquisitive as the capacity to always be learning. Maybe we are learning what to do or what not to do, […]

Mobilizing to Reach a Goal

The school year is coming to an end. With two tiny humans who are four years apart, the end-of-year activities and stressors are very different. For my oldest tiny human, she had to dig a little deeper this academic year.  Last summer we noticed some things that had previously come to her easily were now […]

The Marathon Continues

Well, I did it.  One of the hardest, most painful experiences of my life. I completed a half-marathon.  I know there are a lot harder things people have to face in life, but this was big for me.  I have lots of memories, both good and bad from the experience.  My parents came to support […]

Branding and Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

Let’s talk about branding, marketing, and storytelling.   Many times we start with a problem. Then we move to solutioning, which requires lots of ideas, failing fast and forward, pivots, and relaunches.  Eventually, we land on a solution to the original problem – which in some cases can be an innovation.   Now the question is: how […]