Powerfully Choosing to Manage Energy

In a recent post, I was busting some GSD myths such as, GSDers are always doing or always taking action.  I transparently shared that I’m actively living this out in a new journey for myself.  I was pondering that as we powerfully choose to take action or not to take action, to BE vs DO, […]

Powerfully Choosing Women Every Month

In my opinion, every month is Women’s History Month. Every day is Women’s Day, and every day is a day to celebrate the undervoiced, the underrepresented, and the underserved, no matter what minority group. As we embark on this month of April, I’m following my true, authentic self to share about some sheroes that not […]

Powerfully Choosing to GSD with Purpose

Here are GSD Factor myths that we are going to bust today.   Oftentimes, people assume that because I’m the woman who gets sh*t done that I’m always doing, and that’s quite the opposite. I’ve learned to be more intentional and mindful of when I DO vs when I BE. There are seasons of DOing and […]

When Success or Failure is in Your Head

It’s been exactly four years since the global lockdown we experienced as a result of Covid-19.  Like many people, I picked up several seemingly random hobbies during the shutdown of 2020.  Also, like many people, my interest in those hobbies has waned since then.  However, one hobby stayed with me–long-distance running.  I started running out […]

Powerfully Choosing to Network

Powerfully choosing to connect and network can translate as powerfully choosing to be vulnerable, transparent, and put myself out there.  That can be scary, but it can also be exciting.   From a young age, I was taught to look people in the eye, smile, shake a hand, and say hi.  This gave me boldness and […]

Powerfully Choosing to Mute the Noise

Life can be busy.  We can be going in so many directions, especially when we are navigating a work-life-family integration.  In the busyness, we must remember to be intentional.  Being intentional to be quiet.  Being intentional to be still.  Being intentional with our breath.  Being intentional with our thoughts.  Being present.   Being Intentionally busy can […]

Powerfully Choosing Everyone

In the corporate space, there has been a focus around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We see companies that embrace it with intentionality and others that are less than ideal with their intentions.   In the sporting world, there is beautiful noise that is bringing about awareness and amplification that hasn’t necessarily been there historically.  If you […]

The Courage to be Disliked

We’re almost three months into the new year, and we all have made choices about what kind of year we’ll have.  Perhaps you are powerfully choosing to be inquisitive this year?  I’m a strong believer that we can learn something from everything.   After coming off a year of authoring three books, I wanted to […]

Ask for Help; Build Your Insider’s Board

Earlier this month, a friend of mine initiated a conference call between her, another friend, and myself.  Just out of the blue. No warning. Nothing.  She started the call by telling us that she wanted to be more intentional about her relationships this year, and one way of doing that was by being a more […]

Powerfully Choosing Connection

Connection.   We are human beings and need that human interaction.  We crave it.  There is a physical and mental shift that happens when we do.  Of course, there are positive connections and negative connections.   In my book, The GSD Factor, Get Sh*t Done, I talk about the importance of living life with open hands, and […]