Season 2 Episode 10

One of the foundations for the GSD Factor is knowing who you are and how to share your story.  We explore this concept of The Art of Storytelling ME: Who Am I and How Do I Share My Story? with Jenny Emerson, Integrative Therapist and Randy Ford, Strategic Storyteller. Jenny Emerson has over a decade […]

Season 2 Episode 9

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Resilient with Suzanne Coker. The choice to Be Resilient – the stamina, grit, and perseverance to acknowledge that life can be shit but how do we learn and grow and turn the negatives into positives. Suzanne is a self-motivated and progress-driven Sr. Sales Executive with an extensive background […]

Season 2 Episode 8

We explore the GSD Factor attributes of Be Confident and Be Resilient with Henry Martin + Edwin Moreno as we dive into their stories about how they each approached the workforce with their culture heritage.   Be Confident – The power in knowing your true authentic self.  You lead by example with confident assertiveness. Be Resilient […]

Season 2 Episode 7

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Present with Meg McKeen. The ability to Be Present – to keep showing up, even if for a moment, it’s the art of starting to do something, anything, and trusting that process even when it seems that there are more pivots than plans and we live with the […]

Season 2 Episode 6

A story of courage, resiliency, and becoming a Mom.  Christine is a corporate finance professional learning to balance her career with navigating new motherhood.  With that comes a wide range of complex feelings, from trusting daycare, staying present in her marriage, becoming more secure in the decision to have one child, and discovering her new identity […]

Season 2 Episode 5

Meet the RGirls who GSD!  Bobbie Shrivastav, Laurel Jordan, Jes Vargas, Meg Duty, Kelly King, and Misha Bleymaier-Farrish.  That’s right, our group was brought together because of our common love of Rothy’s shoes, encouraging and empowering one another in the insurance and technology industries.   We met at a conference, noticed that we were all wearing […]

Season 2 Episode 4

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Imaginative with Lori Pon. The determination to Be Imaginative – To dream big, never be satisfied with the status quo, be the innovating solutionist, to continue to break down barriers and say I’m here, what can we improve, what is impossible that we can make possible. Lori Pon […]

Season 2 Episode 3

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Inquisitive with Melanie Husk.   The capacity to Be Inquisitive – We are always learning, always students of life.  To walk in humility knowing that you are not the smartest person in the room but know how to mobilize the right team and people ensures that you are open […]

Season 2 Episode 2

Reference Lisa Wardlaw’s LinkedIn Post: Today, I overheard someone say this exact phrase “she’s a bit much” and I was disappointed. To think that this one statement can unravel of all of the decades of progress towards understanding, amplifying and embracing differences, including those women who are strong. I also reflected in that moment of […]

Season 2 Episode 1

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Confident with Precious Norman-Walton.   The power to Be Confident – The confidence to know your true authentic self, to know your voice, to speak your truth so that you are heard.  You lead by example with assertiveness giving you a sense of empowerment and confidence. Precious Norman-Walton is […]