October 14, 2022

Sarah Muniz,

Author of Undiscovered Voices

The world is now taking DEI seriously, but this wasn’t always the case.  Sometimes the best lessons are learned by looking back and understanding why change was needed in the first place, reflecting on why things were ever that way.  When it comes to equality we can never sit back and say it’s “Job Done”. So please join us with author of Undiscovered Voices, Sarah Muniz. as we discuss equality within our society and culture, to understand where it all began and to reflect on the impact of previous behaviors so we can continue to bring about meaningful change and unlock human potential.

About our guest Sarah Muniz

Author and speaker Sarah Muniz has been in the insurance industry for over twenty years working on the agency side and more recently at an insurtech.  Although the insurance industry gave her career opportunities she found there is a glass ceiling that is hard to break through for women.  Through her book, Undiscovered Voices, and her speaking engagements her goal is to help unlock the potential of women in insurance by evening out the playing field.

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