Misha: Hello, welcome to the GSD Factor podcast. On today’s episode, I have two guests from Mind Co. digital health company. Mind Co. is changing the game on care delivery in behavioral health by improving adoption and efficacy directly from home to close the gap of access by providing an outpatient remote, immersive cognitive training platform to help millions of people. Emilio and Luciano, welcome to the GSD Factor podcast. Can you give our listeners an introduction on yourselves?

Emilio: Yes. Thank you, Misha. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for the invitation. my name is, Emilio Goldenhersch. I am a clinical psychologist. I’ve been a researcher and entrepreneur for the last almost decade.

My background has seen somatic psychology and ecological epistemology. I turned myself a founder of Mind Co. five years ago. basically I will share a little bit about my story, but more than 10 years ago, my father died because of mental health challenges and addictions. and that made me change the story of my life. I’ve made it my mission to bring awareness to as many people as possible, as easy as possible. And that’s what, in a few words, what we’re doing at Mind Co. today. 

Misha: Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for turning your story into a mission to help others.

I’m really excited that we can have you here to share that story with others. And hopefully it’ll be an encouragement and hopefully we’ll continue to make improvements in this area. All right, Luciano. 

Luciano: Yes. Thank you, Misha as well. I joined Emilio’s mission, after 22 years of extensive corporate career.

So in my case, I developed myself, on the insurance industry. So I’d been there and working there for 22 plus years, in different markets, different countries. I’ve been an expert for 10 plus years, working and living in different countries, and always leading decision strategy and business development.

So after those 22 years, I decided to make a change. My path crossed with Emilio’s path. as I always say we fell in love with each other. and I joined them, six months ago as a CRO chief revenue officer of Mind Co. 

Misha: That’s wonderful. Thank you Luciano. So Emilio, first question to you. Share with our listeners today.

What is Mind Co and what are the products and services that you guys provide? 

Emilio: Yes, definitely. Mind Co. is a behavioral change company where we focus on innovating, the care delivery methodology that today is not focusing on everybody. One thing that we discovered is that there is a shortage of therapists, of mental health practitioners of psychiatric, of even physicians with the crisis that we are living today in the world . By saying so, only 10% of the population actually can have access to these kinds of professionals. So we understood that most of the people are suffering and they are not even aware of the way they are living the autopilot mode in which we all live in.

We decided to put a solution as simple as it is in a box and ship it to everybody’s house. We basically work with employers that are willing to help the employee population, through the benefits department, that’s usual, to actually get something as a gift, but the wellness gift, not just a basket of some olives and something nice that you can get to have a moment at your life, but also a behavior change program that can actually help train your mind, your body and your soul in order to change your behavior. We started out with smoking cessation as one of the hardest addictions to change. We invented the solution that today clinically proven using virtual reality, exposure therapy, mindfulness and coaching at home. We were the first company to actually publish an article, showing that we are three X more efficacious than the standard of care in smoking cessation. And amid COVID times, we got the understanding that stress and mental health is something that everybody’s on the need. We decided to create a second product for stress management. So, today we have a platform including those two programs and our roadmap includes weight management, sleeping, parenting, diversity and inclusion, and other kinds of behaviors as well.

In a short word, we help people with simulations in virtual reality that help them understand the ways they behave when they are triggered by certain cues. And we add on top of that mindfulness so they can identify what’s going on. Basically, they get out of the “autopilot” after experiencing some of the virtual reality activities.

But also we have an emotional support, which is led by coaches, dedicated people that have gone through different traumas and also now are professionals working on the mental health industry. As well, of course, an app, because at the end of the day, we’re a data driven company and the app helps to frame the digital therapy into an ABC on what to do next. So, we can provide a person with a self-paced program as well. 

Misha: That’s amazing, and you’re really transforming mental health, right? Through technology, through data, meeting people where they’re at in their homes at the moment. I think this is a really important conversation to be had right now with so many people working from home. This is definitely one of those beautiful catalysts that is coming out of this COVID time. And really starting to take care of those employees, the whole employee, the whole end consumer, taking care of them in body, mind, and emotion.

I think that’s really important. Thank you so much. This is really exciting story and mission and product to share with our listeners. So Luciano over to you, let’s talk about how are you guys getting it to market? Who are the people that you’re wanting to partner with? Let’s talk about that side.

Luciano: Absolutely. Misha, the beauty of our solution is that a is super simple to implement super scalable and also adaptable. So with that in mind, we can definitely implement and have distribution of our probes worldwide we are a U.S. Centric and we are headquartered here in the U.S., but we can service population all over the world, almost without hesitation. And in terms of adaptability that I was referring to before, you mentioned a little bit about our core segment and target, which are employers or employees that are part of large employers. But, also we found that we learned throughout the path that our program is super accessible and useful for different verticals. So we aim also, for the insurance industry, the affinity groups, government, healthcare. So, our approach could play different roles in each of those verticals, providing a lot of value, which , in very short words, I could divide our value to two large buckets.

One is related with differentiators and innovation because our product comes to fill the gap of engagement. The gap of tangibility, the lack of innovation is that we help our partners because by the way, it’s important to mention that our sales approaches is B2B based. So we seek to build large partnerships to distribute our products through our partners.

So, we bring all that. We bring innovation, we bring an engagement tool where the user can have daily interaction with our partners through our app. And of course, the tangibility of our key than the VR lenses. The other bucket, of course, we are a mental health company and that’s our very first target, which is our objective, I should say, which is really health.

Through our solution that Emilo has explained quite thoroughly in the last few minutes, we deliver a better quality of life and a healthier life. So, we really play very well on delivering more productivity. When we talk about an employer, more productivity and less insurance premium, when we talk with the insurance industry, we deliver also lower claims. So, it’s a combination of both front-end and back-end that we deliver very nice.

Misha: I think that’s really important, right? It’s a matter of, depending on who you’re working in partnering with, what are the benefits? What is the value add to them? For employers is taking care of that whole employee, right?

For our insurance partners that are listening, it’s helping bring down those claims. It’s helping that prevention care, that preventative care, which has been such a big focus in our industry. And so I love the different approaches based on who our partner is or who are end audience is.

So Emilio final question to you. I know that our listeners are gonna want to learn more from you guys. And I know that we’ve talked about hosting some webinars and lunch and learns. Listeners, if you guys are really wanting to learn more, please email us@infoatgsdfactor.com.

And we’ll be sure to create a list for those that want to join us for additional conversations with Emilio and Luciano. But Emilio, just finally, can you share with our listeners about the clinical research that’s taking place? I think that’s a really important factor that I want to be sure that we cover today.

So why don’t you share with our listeners, what you guys have going? 

Emilio: Yes, of course. I would say that when these companies started, we decided to be a clinically proven driven solution. So, not just a commercial one that is available for everybody to use it, but also to be clinically proven with clinical outcomes.

And that’s what we did. On our first trial, we published the first worldwide clinical study for mobile VR for smoking cessation. If you go and do some research and want to create a clinical trial with mobile VR. You’re going to find us as the main background references that you could look at.

It was published in The Journal of Medical and Internet Research and coauthored by a Johns Hopkins researcher. This was done back in Argentina with a 120 people. We conducted an RCP pilot, the randomized control trial pilot. It was quite successful. We obtain 33% efficacy rate of smoking cessation of past students for those people that actually participated in our intervention. Today, we’re running four different studies. I can talk about three of them. One is with the University of Colorado at Denver, where we’re working with the virtual reality concept of our solution. The other one is with the tobacco team at Stanford where we are working with the research prevention center also as a digital opt-in intervention for the tobacco team.

We are also conducting a study with the government of Argentina The Ministry of Health, where we are one of the smoking cessation programs offered by the government. And the other one is ongoing, but I cannot talk a lot about that. But, we also have two more studies upcoming starting in April for stress management for healthcare workforce and also for students of universities.

So if the listeners are either healthcare workforce related or college university, even if you hire some kind of employee base. W e find with our clients that usually employers or benefit managers don’t know how to measure the outcomes of whatever they are implementing. We are experts on that.

So if there is a way that we could help on that gladly to receive emails and continue conversations as well. 

Misha: That’s great. And I think what’s really important, is to hear the clinical backing of what Mind Co. is doing across all the services and products that you guys are offering. Any time that we are endorsing or referring something here, we want to be sure that it has that clinical backing and that’s why I love the mission of Mind Co. and excited to have you guys on the GSD Factor podcast.    

Luciano in closing, share with our listeners, how they can reach out to you . If they’re interested in partnering, if they’re interested, I know that you guys are focused on the B2B, but maybe share some information with our listeners. So if they want to learn more. 

Luciano: Yeah, I appreciate the opportunity Misha to share that. So definitely they can reach me personally through email so we can set some time and we can walk them through our solutions. Some of the details that are just the highlights we can continue from there. So my professional email address is Luciano at Mindcotine.com, which is spelled L U C I A N O , at Mind Co T I N E dot com. 

Misha: Luciano and Emilio, thank you so much for your time. A big thank you to Mind Co. and the digital health transformation that they’re bringing about here in the U.S. and around the world.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. and we’re really excited to see what great things are going to come from Mind Co. in this coming year. Thank you, listeners. Have a great day.

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