Season 1, Episode 4


Elisa Stampf is a passionate advocate for improving workplace culture and ensuring that everyone feels welcome. She spent over 13 years in financial and insurance industries feeling out of place. In 2021 Elisa co-founded Insure Equality to change the displacement she felt in an industry that is about taking care of people. She loves art (making it and viewing it), and board games with friends. You can find her curled up on her couch or traveling (no in-between). 


This episode discusses the importance of improving workplace culture, creating a safe place to share your story and ensuring that everyone feels welcome.

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Episode 13 Monica Wisdom Podcast

Episode 13 Monica Wisdom Podcast

Learn about the power of storytelling from a GSD woman that has been embracing this mantra her whole life. Monica Wisdom has forged a career from elevating the voices of Black Women around the world, creating a platform from which they can be heard and providing a beacon of light to guide people from their dark places within.

Episode 12 Sarah Muniz

Episode 12 Sarah Muniz

The world is now taking DEI seriously, but this wasn’t always the case. Sometimes the best lessons are learned by looking back and understanding why change was needed in the first place, reflecting on why things were ever that way. When it comes to equality we can never sit back and say it’s “Job Done”. So please join us with author of Undiscovered Voices, Sarah Muniz. as we discuss equality within our society and culture, to understand where it all began and to reflect on the impact of previous behaviors so we can continue to bring about meaningful change and unlock human potential.


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