Meet the Founder

Misha’s life motto is GSD – “Get sh*t done,” and she shows up living that philosophy every day to every situation!

Author, entrepreneur, speaker, technology strategist, wife and mother, Misha wears many hats. As founder of GSD Factor she shares her passion and life motto of “GSD – Get sh*t done” with her podcast listeners, coaching/mentoring clients, and now her readers of The GSD Factor. She is also founder of Etymology Consulting, where she continues to use her expertise of the entire technology lifecycle to assist clients to reach and enhance their organizational goals.

Misha is an advocate for the under-voiced, mentoring the next generation of business leaders across insurance and technology, empowering those that need professional direction and clarity. She serves on the board of directors for two non-profit organizations, Insure Equality serving the under voiced in the insurance industry and Jonathan’s Path, supporting teens in foster care in her hometown of Nashville, TN.

Misha is a strong believer in individuals collaborating to empower and encourage one another as we trailblaze our industries and bring about much needed change.

Why I do what I do

There is power when you can learn something from every experience. You can learn what to do and what not to do.

Our daily lives and interactions allow us to learn lessons that can change the course of our trajectory.

With over twenty years in the corporate world and a myriad of life experiences, I want to share my story with the desire to encourage others, provide hope, and wisdom to those willing to listen.