Make Work From Home Work For You

Raise your hand if your job went remote as a result of the pandemic, and you still haven’t returned to the office? I imagine that situation is a more common reality than most people would think right now. The truth is that now, more than ever, corporations, both big and small, have discovered and accepted that remote work jobs are legitimate and, in some cases, more effective for some positions. As a result, a number of occupations that have historically been required to happen at an office will, now, transition completely to remote or some hybrid in-office/remote compromise. If this new normal is a reality for you, and you are feeling a little less than enthused about your current work-from-home space, don’t panic. I have some suggestions for improving the vibes at your home office, to maximize efficiency and get sh*t done!

There are several resources you can refer to find ways of sprucing up your space. For example, “5 Ways To Reinvigorate And Level-Up Your Home Office” by Genevieve Michaels list these tips:

  1. Increase lower back support for your office chair.
  2. Raise those computer screens to eye level.
  3. Improve your lighting by using as much natural light as possible.
  4. Ensure a clear visual and audio representation of yourself and environment for video calls.
  5. Get organized.

I agree with all five of those, and I’d like to add a few more specific things that have helped me.  

  1. White Board: Get a white board or something equivalent to write to-do lists or important tasks that will be visible every time you enter the office.  That will help keep your most important goals and plans in the forefront.  
  2. Space Boundaries: If you’re able and have the space, find a way to actually separate your space from the rest of your living area, even if it’s something as minor as rearranging furniture in a way that clearly partitions your office in relation to the rest of the room.  This may help you adjust your energy and work ethic to business mode, just as if you were walking into a traditional office.  Conversely, it can also help to make the act of “clocking out” more realistic and allow you to decompress in your regular living space without feeling like you’re still at work.  
  3. Take breaks:  Be sure to take a non working lunch or a workout lunch break.  Think back to the days when you would “drive by” with your coworkers either in the break kitchen, their desks, or do laps around the office.  Food and hydration breaks and movement are super key to your self care! 

There are many more ways you can improve your at-home-office for efficiency, but whatever way you choose, just make sure it works for you while you work from home.


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