Powerfully Choosing in 2024

I’m not someone who believes in new year’s resolutions because I believe that we are constantly evolving, ever learning, always failing and trying again which allows for pivots.  

Anyone who has heard me speak knows that I love to reference my favorite Friends episode where they are moving the couch, and Ross is yelling, “Pivot!”  This is a phrase I have often used throughout my insurance and technology career with my teams, clients, and, yes even my tiny humans. 

Even though there is no set new year’s resolution for 2024 there are definitely intentions and themes that have been unfolding.  As I spend time meditating and pondering, I see what resonates, what feels right and I begin to manifest what will be a good intention and theme for that season.

In my book, I talk about seasons of BEing and seasons of DOing. I say AND because it’s not OR, both are necessary and important. They co-exist.  You need a season of BEing in order to see the great exponential growth in the season of DOing, but a different kind of growth, rest, and recharge can also take place in our season of BEing.  Seasons don’t necessarily denote a specific amount of time, meaning a season could be a day, a month, or a year.  It’s whatever you need it to be.  

So, in this current season, the theme that has been coming up in so many of my encounters with individuals from around the world is the intention of powerfully choosing.  Back in October, I was having a strategy session with one of my GSD Factor Insiders Board members and she shared this phrase with me of powerfully choosing.  We discussed and pondered it, but it wasn’t until December that powerfully choosing really started to take shape as the focus and theme for many areas at The GSD Factor.  

It’s become our official theme for 2024, and it’s resonating for so many individuals and organizations.  It’s been fun to see how different leaders and teams want to dive into this, whether it’s a workshop, brunch, or even a bootcamp.  There are varying degrees of powerfully choosing and extensions of this but let’s dive in for a moment around powerfully choosing.

Powerful means strength, strong, dominant, and my favorite definition, GREAT FORCE and ENERGY.  BOOM!  

Choose means pick, select, designate, take, and my favorite, DETERMINE.

When you bring them together, there is such an impact, an energy, and something even divine that takes place.  

So, I want you to think about the following mantras:

I am powerfully choosing in 2024.

I am powerfully choosing to be me.

I am powerfully choosing (insert here)

What is it that you need to unapologetically, authentically powerfully choose for you?  For your team?  For your organization?

Let’s powerfully choose to get shit done in 2024!