Powerfully Choosing to GSD with Purpose

Here are GSD Factor myths that we are going to bust today.  

  1. GSDers are always doing.
  2. GSDers do everything with a sense of urgency.
  3. GSDers are always taking action.

Oftentimes, people assume that because I’m the woman who gets sh*t done that I’m always doing, and that’s quite the opposite. I’ve learned to be more intentional and mindful of when I DO vs when I BE. There are seasons of DOing and seasons of BEing, and we have to have both seasons.  Seasons of BEing allow us to rest and recharge for that next season of DOing.  Being present in whichever season you are in is equally important.  Whether you are in a season of DOing or BEing, be all there.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on those seasons of DOing.  Just like the wrong assumption that GSDers are always DOing, there is this other myth that GSDers always do everything and do so with a sense of urgency.  I’ll be the first to tell you early on in my career, I absolutely did this.  After all, I wanted to people-please, exceed everyone’s expectations, be perfect, and do it better and faster than anyone else.  That was where I placed my worth.  What life has taught me through countless lessons is that there is just as much impact and power in knowing when to do something, but more importantly, when not to do something.  Funny how much this sounds like our be inquisitive attribute and how we apply it to learning something from everything.  

When I powerfully chose to give myself permission not to do everything and be intentional with selecting what to do, when to do it, and how quickly to do it, there was a major shift in my progress, not perfection journey.  This change in mindset gave me powerful permission to be imperfect.  It gave me room to breathe.  It gave me the room to be.  It gave me room to heal.  What I have learned now is that some situations benefit more from that BE moment, and the end result is much better.  What would have happened if I hadn’t listened and jumped into the DO moment?

This leads me into the last myth about GSDers always taking action.  Oftentimes, more than not, we are the individuals who are going to spring into action, get something started, and take it over the finish line.  As I have gotten older, I’ve lived a lot of life experiences and have learned something from each one of those.  

I’ve learned that what makes GSDers so impactful and authentic is that they can discern when to GSD and when not to. They know when something needs that urgency and when it doesn’t.  They GSD with purpose and intentionality; they have been able to calculate the scenario. They have incredible intuition from learned experiences, and they trust that gut.  

There is power in restraint.  There are some situations, some individuals that don’t deserve our superpower of getting sh*t done.  Through their brokenness, they intentionally or unintentionally throw obstacles in our way that take our precious time, mental health, and energy.  Through my own healing, I’ve been able to learn to identify who these people or organizations are, to discern their true intentions, and powerfully choose if they deserve my greatness of being able to GSD. 

I talk about using our voice as our strongest weapon, and I still wholeheartedly believe in this. However, time has also taught me that some situations call for silence and stillness.  The energy and mental capacity for me to engage or respond would not serve me, and I’ve learned to let those moments go.  This is a newer journey for me, and I’m a beautiful work in progress. With each encounter and engagement, I’m learning more and more each time.  I’m letting go of wanting to be that people-pleaser and cater to everyone, and I’m striving not to live to be liked by all, but to live with courage to be disliked and living a confident and authentic life.  I’m finding this journey freeing and rewarding, and ultimately, I’m getting more sh*t done than ever before.