Season 2 Episode 2

Reference Lisa Wardlaw’s LinkedIn Post:

Today, I overheard someone say this exact phrase “she’s a bit much” and I was disappointed. To think that this one statement can unravel of all of the decades of progress towards understanding, amplifying and embracing differences, including those women who are strong. I also reflected in that moment of how many women also heard the same statement yet few stepped up and ensure that we do not sit silently by. We all have a duty to change the narrative.

We invited Lisa to lean into this experience and conversation so that we may all learn what to do and in this case what not to do.  We have made great improvements, but we can do better.

Lisa Wardlaw is an innovative, highly-experienced insurance executive who combines her deep decades of experience serving as CXO, CFO, COO, CSO for some of the largest insurance institutions (MunichRe, Famers, ING, Voya) with her entrepreneurial drive to rapidly help your start up succeed in the insurance industry.  Lisa supports companies that she believes have a unique perspective and want to authentically usher in innovation insurance marketplace. Her thought leadership, ability to create innovative and ingenuitive insurance solutions across P&C, life and health insurance marketplace is leveraged to provide innovative guidance and solutions for all insurtechs across North America and globally.

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