Season 2 Episode 4

We explore the GSD Factor attribute Be Imaginative with Lori Pon.

The determination to Be Imaginative – To dream big, never be satisfied with the status quo, be the innovating solutionist, to continue to break down barriers and say I’m here, what can we improve, what is impossible that we can make possible.

Lori Pon is the Assistant Vice President of Claims Transformation at The Hanover Insurance Group, where she oversees innovation, business case development, program management, organizational change management, and post-implementation evaluation. She is an insurance industry veteran of more than 20 years, and over the course of her career, she has successfully led the building and implementation of core platforms and integrations. Before joining The Hanover Insurance Group, she served in multiple leadership positions with The Auto Club Group, where she developed a holistic vision and roadmap for seamless service delivery leveraging innovation and process redesign.

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