Season 2 Episode 8

We explore the GSD Factor attributes of Be Confident and Be Resilient with Henry Martin + Edwin Moreno as we dive into their stories about how they each approached the workforce with their culture heritage.  

Be Confident – The power in knowing your true authentic self.  You lead by example with confident assertiveness.

Be Resilient – The choice to persevere, to dig deep, and turn life’s negatives into positives.

Father and husband, Henry Martin worked most of my life in the hospitality industry before successfully pivoting into an insurance marketing position in corporate America. Solo traveling to 30 countries before he was 30 years old, he learned how to be comfortable with himself and confident in his decisions.  He is a faithful believer that new experiences broaden the mind and new places grow the heart.  Henry has had addresses in Tennessee, Guatemala, Spain, and Denmark, all in order to spend his life being part of another culture, learning something new every day, and living through experience.

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Edwin Moreno is a producer for LR Windsor, an independent insurance brokerage in Chicago. He is dedicated to his personal and professional development. Edwin is currently a student and volunteer with the Wright Foundation to discover more about social and emotional intelligence. His 13+ years of experience in the insurance industry drove him to discover new skills and find ways he can express and connect more in a historically rigid industry. Edwin is fluent in Spanish, happily married  and has a daughter, who is an amazing student and teacher. He is passionate about cooking, family, music and gaining/spreading knowledge.

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