GSD Factor Services

CV Revival


  • Send CV ahead to GSD Factor Team
  • CV Review and Coaching Session (60 min)
  • Access to GSD Custom Templates
  • Hints and Tips
  • LinkedIn Advice
  • Client submits round 2 to GSD Factor Team
  • 2nd Version CV Review and Refinement Session (30 min)

Coaching Session Bundle 2 x 30 min

$108.00  (10% Savings)

Schedule a couple of sessions to lay out the roadmap to success for your next chapter.

Schedule time with Misha Bleymaier-Farrish


Are you feeling stuck? Want a quick boost of confidence to ignite a transformation in your professional or personal life? Book a short video call with me on Intro. 

Coaching Session Bundle


  • Do you need the inspiration to dream big?  With this package we can tackle CV review, job transitions, mentoring, coaching, building out a professional roadmap, LinkedIn advice, you name it. 
  • Four (4), 45 minute coaching sessions over 2 months based on your cadence preference
  • Texting access