If GSD Factor is what you want or need in either your professional or personal life, let’s connect. I want to help you find your voice. I want to see and hear you. You need to see and hear you. The world needs to see and hear you. Let’s go on this GSD Factor journey together.

Dream Big Workshop

Needing to think outside the box for the next product, service, or function for your organization? Perhaps a transformation needs to take place but you aren’t sure of the steps to get there? Our Dream Big workshops can help! Our clients are left with a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the current state, future state, and the roadmap to success whilst armed with tangible outputs.


Corporate Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Are you, your team, or organization needing to dream big for the next project or opportunity? Let’s do it and lay out the roadmap to success of the next chapter.

Live Speaking

Misha is excited to get back to live speaking and interacting in person with the audience. From her passion of mentoring the next generation of business leaders to sharing her tips and tricks throughout her experiences, you will come away energized and ready to GSD into action.

Webinar + Podcast Guest

Misha’s positive outlook and high energy are felt even through virtual encounters. She weaves stories that are tangible and relevant to the listeners and bring about life lessons.

2022 is going to be an exciting year, including the launch of a podcast, book release and more tools to help you live the GSD Factor life. Stay connected to learn more, and let’s GSD!!

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